Paul Grey doesn’t know much about art, politics,
or detective work for that matter, but he’s about to
get a crash course in all three after Senator Allan
Puckett dispatches his blackmailer to the hereafter
then turns the weapon on himself. At least that’s the
way the cops say it went down. Paul must follow a
trail of fraud, treachery, and corruption to locate the
single clue that will reveal instead a double murder.
His suspects are the arrogant, delusional,
manipulative, and sometimes homicidal players that
inhabit the political and artistic circles of Atlanta.
Using his smarts, occasional brawn, and a whole lot
of beginner’s luck, Paul tackles the case. From
shooting ranges to golf ranges, Paul pounds the
pavement in search of an unlikely assassin. Will he
expose a double murderer? Or will this, his first
case, be his last?

ISBN: 0974058327

LIST PRICE: $12.00

232 Pages

Perfect Bound

Trade Paperback

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