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Adventures of Hugga-Boo
ISBN: 0974058343
32 page Boardbook

Follow the lovable, huggable, Hugga-Boo Bear as he experiences the airport,
the zoo, and his first birthday party.  Several short stories in one.

Hugga-Boo Bear goes adventuring and you can come along with him to learn
about colors, numbers, shapes, things that go, and special celebrations.
Short four page stories on a variety of topics make for good bedtime or
anytime reading. Simple words and concepts make this a book to last from
early toddlerhood to beginning reader.

About the Author:
Sarah Ann Lincoln has worked with children her entire adult life and most of
her teenage years, too. Working with Girl Scouts, as a daycare employee,
and with preschoolers full-time, Sarah Ann knows what works when it comes to
children's books. "I wanted to make a simple book that children could read
and understand from an early age that would also teach them preschool
concepts. So many entering Pre-K don't know the basics like colors and
numbers. This book can help prepare them. It is so important that children
have books and be read to. It is a building block of all future learning and
enjoyment of school."