ISBN: 0974058335
32 page Boardbook

(Based on true experiences) A little girl loses her teddy bear only to find him
years later worn by love and affection from many children.  A modern
Velveteen Rabbit.

Little Marie takes teddy everywhere with her. One day while shopping with her
mother, Marie leaves teddy behind in a store. After going to so many stores,
Marie is unsure of where she lost him. Her parents are unable to find him.
Marie must go without teddy. A long time passes before teddy and Marie are
finally reunited. In the meantime, teddy has been loved until his fur has mostly
worn off. Despite his shabby appearance, Marie still carries a special love for

Any child who has ever been "lost" will immediately sympathize with teddy who
is left alone in the dark store. Children fear loss and will find this simple story
not only comforting and reassuring, but at the same time it teaches them that
losses are a part of life and one must move on. It is through loss that we learn
what we truly love.

About the Author:
Sarah Ann Lincoln has worked with children her entire adult life and most of
her teenage years, too. Working with Girl Scouts, as a daycare employee,
and with preschoolers full-time, Sarah Ann knows what works when it comes to
children's books. "All children love teddy bears it seems," she says. "I got the
idea for this story from my true experiences. This actually happened to me
and my Long Lost Teddy, whom I still have of course!"