Heart of War:

A Soviet survivor of a  concentration camp falls in love with a German in
Post World War II Europe -- based on a true story.

   Iyan watched as his father slaughtered the cattle one by one. Not even
the newborn calf was to be spared. Not even his sister's favorite. His
father made fast work of the task, roping each one in turn, slitting it's
throat. Then releasing it he would quickly grab another. The first one still
slowly bleeding to death, not even dead before the next was taken. They
looked so lost as they died. They looked betrayed. Their eyes showed
fear. . .
   How unintelligent they are, Iyan thought. Don't they see what is
happening? Why don't they run? But then again, cows don't run, only
people do. His whole family was running, running from the advancing
Germans. And his father would rather die himself than leave a herd of
healthy cattle behind to feed the beastly Germans. . .
   From the hilltop headed east, Iyan held his baby sister close as he took
a long last look at their farm. He would try to remember every detail, every
thing, so that one day he might come back here and rebuild it. He took a
deep breath of the air, to remember the smell, as his father used a
flaming torch to set their one and only home ablaze. Where would they
go? What would happen to them?
   Slowly the whole family set off walking, all five of them -- Mother, Father,
Iyan, Silve, and the baby. Iyan carried the baby on his hip since the other
family members carried what they could of their belongings. They took
one cow with them. As they headed off Father set each field of crop on
fire. A blackened landscape would greet the Germans. The Germans had
betrayed them all.

Obsidian: The Dark Planet:

It's the end of the world as we know it. Humans have caused the ultimate
disaster -- the destruction of Earth itself.  Escape shuttles have carried as
many people as possible to Obsidian, a black rock-like planet orbiting a
star like the sun of Earth.  Obsidian is covered in large areas of rainforest
and in the rush to find suitable living space, little is known about it other
than it was a viable place for humans. So they would take their chances.
Much like Africa was known as the Dark Continent for its unknown
expanses and its dangers, so too the Dark Plant is aptly named.  Only the
snakes aren't the common garden variety, and the rainforest plants, well
let's just say they are hungry.  While terrestrial problems would seem to
be enough for newly transposed humans, their problems soon become
other worldly as evidence is discovered that a race of humanoids once
lived on this planet long ago, but were destroyed in an interstellar war. But
a war with who? And why?
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