In Runner’s High, an attractive trophy wife, Nikki
Sills, plunges to her death from an Atlanta skyrise
during the annual Peachtree Road Race.Was it an
accident, a suicide, or a murder? Her husband,
Mark Sills, seems content to accept two million
dollars in insurance and move on with his life.
Insurance investigator, Paul Grey, soon discovers
Mark Sills wasn’t the perfect husband or the hard-
working stock broker he made himself out to be.
Mark Sills’ involvement in money laundering, loan
sharking, and the mob put him neck deep in trouble
and his gambling left him over his head in debt. And
Mark’s wild undertakings weren’t confined to money
only. Were some dangerous friends trying to send
him a message by tossing his wife over the railing?  
Did one of his lovers murder Nikki out of jealousy?
Did Mark kill her for the money?

As Paul searches for the answers to these puzzling
questions, the dead bodies continue to pile up.
Clearly, he must find the killer soon, because the
deeper Paul digs, the more likely it is he’s digging
his own grave.
ISBN: 097405836X

LIST PRICE: $13.00

232 Pages

Perfect Bound

Trade Paperback

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